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[BITE 2016] 'BEST OF BITE 2016' award ceremony held at BEXCO, Busan
 Ji Yeon Park 2016-11-03
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On November 3, the 'BEST OF BITE 2016' awards ceremony was held at the 2nd and 3rd hall of Busan BEXCO 1st Exhibition Hall. '2016 Busan International Techtextile & Material Exibibition 2016 (BITE 2016) was selected as one of the best companies and products in the award category. The award category includes technical innovation award, technical support award, , Best Marketing Award, and Best Performance Award.



EverFriend Corp. (CEO : Kim, Chang Woon) was selected as the 'Innovative Technology Award', which is the best product in the field of technology innovation, excluding simple imported products.  . The Korea Jacquard Textile Research Institute (Song Byeong-Gab) is awarded the "Technical Support Award", which is awarded to exhibitors with high contribution and high technical support performance. The "Excellent Design Award" (Representative Chung Bong-Kwon) was selected.  

In addition, Hyundai Fiber Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Sung-hwan) won the best marketing prize, Sang-A Pron Tech Co., Ltd. (representative Sangwon Lee) was awarded 'Wooyang New Material' was selected.  Meanwhile, BITE 2016 is Korea's leading industrial textile and composite material exhibition, and it  is the meeting place between the top textile materials companies and technology innovation companies in Korea and abroad. Super fibers, eco-friendly fibers, smart fibers, nanofibers, medical fibers and textile machines.

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