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(1) Silicon Coating Processing

  • As for the coating processing method, EVERFRIEND has the structure capable of mass-production furnished with the automatic facilities of capacity enough to simultaneously coat the general fabric roll in its whole width (max. 100 inches). Also, it has varied coating technologies based on the knowhow of more than 10 years including design coating(DOT coating, UNION coating), all-over coating(single side coating, double side coating, multilayer coating), and special coating(color coating, addition coating, skin coating, lusterless coating, and foam coating). Further, we have technological capability to similarly apply silicon coating to the coated products composed of special materials, such as netting thread/mesh cloth, PU fabric, film (PET, etc.), papers, and Hotmelt as well as general textile fabric.

    ※ EVERFRIEND does not add any of the following volatile organic solvents to silicon coating materials: solvents including benzene, toluene, MEK, and DMF).

(2) Processing Flow

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