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(1) Silicone & Silicone Rubber

  • cont1_img_Si1 Silicone is a polymer connected by the siloxane combination between oxygen and organosilicone. It is developed by Berzelius, a Swedish chemist, in 1823 from separating silicon (An element No. 14 of the periodic table, is generally known as a main component of sand to the public). Its common forms include silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone resin.

    Silicone rubber is eco-friendly natural material having peculiar properties as double sidedness (organic and inorganic). Unlike general organic rubber, it has a lot of useful features such as heat resistances, chemical stability, insulating property, wear resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, and etc. So, it has been used as a useful material in various industries.


(2) Silicone Coated Fabric

Coating materials giving the special function to textile

  • Silicone Coated Fabric refers to fabric coated to laminate silicone rubber on the surface of textile fabric in a certain shape/pattern or across the whole area, and additionally high functional eco-friendly fabric making it possible to use it for certain purposes by adding the feature of silicone to textile material.

    Applied fields : Household goods such as various clothing(functional clothes, lingerie, sportswear, swimming suit, hiking gear, and infant clothing, etc.), shoes, socks, bags, caps, and gloves(for golf, industrial use, etc.), bed clothes(quilt, pillow, bed sheet, mattress, etc.), mats(mats for infants, kitchen/toilet, and car mat, etc.), cover fabric(tablecloth, etc.), healthcare products(hospital bedclothes, hospital robes, and bandages, etc.), and camping outfits(tents, etc.), etc.