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Ltd. Ever Friends (CEO gimchangun, www.everfriend.co.kr ) is November 3, held in BEXCO, Busan from Thursday until 5 (Sat.), 2016 Busan International Textile and Industrial Materials Exhibition (Busan International Techtextile & Material Exhibition 2016, BITE 2016), 'Silicone Coated Fabric', which is a combination of silicone and fiber fabric.


'EVERFRIEND CORP.' Presents a silicone coated fabric that is made by combining silicone with a textile fabric. Silicone Coated Fabric is made by applying Liquid Silicone Rubber on the surface of fiber fabric in full design or in a certain design pattern and solidifying it and bonding it to the fiber material. It has inherent characteristics of silicone (heat resistance, cold resistance, It is a high-functional eco-friendly special fabric that is used as a useful application in various industries by combining flame retardancy, electrical insulation, compression resistance, water resistance and slip resistance.


Everfriend is a company specializing in silicone coating fabrics. It is the first in Korea to apply the mass production method that enables simultaneous silicon coating processing to the size corresponding to the full width of the roll of the fabric, and it is possible to apply design coating (DOT coating, UNION coating) (Coatings, double-sided coatings, multi-coatings), and optional coatings (color coatings, additive coatings, skin coatings, matte coatings and foam coatings).


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